Oh, how Beautiful IS the LORD! He has patiently and oh so Lovingly been teaching me not to worry, but to trust Him, the God of all creation! This hasn't been easy for me at all, as I have learned very early on to fret, to imagine the worst case scenario, to jump into action as I try to "fix" the unfixable. Innumerable times I have found myself worn out and distraugt once I realized there was absolutely nothing I could do, but wait for everything to fall to peices before my eyes.

But now, I have Jesus within me! He has written in His Word that when I call on His Name, He Will be right there with me, ready to answer my cries and deliver me out of all my troubles. God has His all-powerful hand on everything! That includes all things that concern His children. There is nothing,,, NOTHING too hard for the Lord.

When I finally fall before the throne of grace, and allow my Savior to take all of my worries, He does exactly that! My troubles may remain, and quite often do. Whether or not He changes the circumstances is completely up to Him. Either way, God lifts me out of my own self-importance, and allows me to understand that all this "stuff" in this life, in this world, is inconsequential.

Be still, and know that I am God: I Will be exalted among the heathen, I Will be exalted in the earth. ~ Psalm 46:10

!!! God IS God !!! There is none above Him! There has never been any above Him! For all of eternity to come, none shall ever be above Him. All,,, ALL Will praise Him! That includes even those who are lost to eternal damnation.

If you really think about that Truth, why should I ever worry about anything temporal in this life? I am a child of the King! There is no problem that can take Him by surprise. He has seen all things long before time began. He has already set everything in order, to the Will of God the Father. !!! WOW !!! I must trust my Lord Jesus Christ to do what He IS already doing ~ taking care of me, and all things around me.

!!! Praise the Lord !!! The Holy Lamb of God !!!