Wow! I am so grateful to the Lord for giving us a successful dinner yesterday! That was the first turkey that my husband ever cooked, and I was no help at all since I am not a kitchen person. Well, my son and I peeled potatoes, cleaned up, set the table, and did all the little things. The turkey ended up tasting wonderful!

We normally do not even celebrate the holiday of the month as does the rest of the world. As I've said earlier in my blog, we are to be thankful for all things always. Still, the church that we attend gave us a turkey dinner, and there was a friend of mine that didn't have anywhere to go, so we invited her.

Though it would seem that nothing spectacular happened, I was delighted to see the Lord answering my prayers. He softened hearts, got us all working together, and helped us to walk in kindness and Love.

I am thankful that God guides us every time we remember to ask for His direction.