Hello, and welcome to my blogger. I just wanted a space where I could write my creative thoughts, share with others, and hopefully be a blessing to your day. Being a writer isn't easy at times. Writer's blog is stressful, because you're unable to do what you naturally are inclined to do. When this happens for me, I like to just jot down little scribbles of ideas, doodle little pieces here and there, and spend time praying to the Lord Jesus, reading His Word, and wait for His direction. Sometimes, I go back to these messy looking scraps and the original ideas that I had will blossom into full-fledged writing masterpieces! Either that, or new ideas will formulate from the older ones. I give God the glory for all that I write. He IS the One that gives me the desire to create, as well as the ability to use the inspiration that is presented to me.